After The Fall

 “I had been married three years when I fell in love,” begins Kate, a firecracker of a woman who thought she’d found the yin to her yang in Cary, her sensible and adoring husband. For their friend Luke—a charismatic copywriter who loves women and attention in equal measure, and preferably together—life has been more than sweet beside Cressida, the dutiful pediatric oncologist who stole his heart. But when a whimsical flirtation between Kate and Luke turns into something far more dangerous, the foursome will be irrevocably intertwined by more than just their shared history.

Steeped in psychological insight and raw emotion, After the Fall is an unsettling novel of the many ways we love and hurt each other. 

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Reviews of After The Fall

“After The Fall examines two marriages racing toward collision. Author Kylie Ladd, using precise and crystalline language, looks through each side of the prism, bringing forth all points of view with raw honesty. The reader will peek out between covered eyes as they watch these husbands and wives in denial singe the ones they love.”
Randy Susan Meyers, author of The Murderer’s Daughters

"[An] accomplished debut novel... lush, often beautiful, prose. Vivid language makes each page a joy to read."
Kirkus Reviews

“Starting an affair is like falling- there’s the initial thrilling sense of plunging, followed by out-of-control plummeting, and, inevitably, pain. That’s how author Kylie Ladd describes it in this story of a friendship between two couples that ends in an affair. Told from the perspective of each person, the book has a deliciously voyeuristic feel that will have you hooked.”

“This gripping novel examines the nitty-gritty of the affair and how it affects each person involved. From gentle Cary, who was hoping to start a family with Kate, to Cressida, coping with her dying father and her husband’s infidelity, to play-boy Luke and indecisive Kate, all four react in very different ways. I found it hard to put this book down, and it stayed with me long after I had finished it... five stars”
NZ Girl

“… a subtle, moving and perceptive story of love, loss and hope”
Sydney Morning Herald

“An engrossing dissection of am illicit affair… the reader is swept along by the intensity of the character’s emotions. A fascinating insight… Riveting.”
Townsville Bulletin